Developing a business

Poltrona was created with the intention of making simple, elegant bags and to keep the manufacturing in Sydney where we are based to ensure the people involved in the process were being paid a fair wage.
Since starting the business we have researched and learnt a lot about the sustainability chain in the process of making leather.  We do not have all the answers in detail yet, but have grown to understand more about the industry and will share with you what we know about the leather for our bags.
Poltrona hand pick all our leathers, and buy only hides that are full grown cattle and sheep. We choose hides that have been tanned in Italy, Germany or England, because they conform to the highest standard of tanning process available for the environment.
Being a small business, Poltrona do not have the same funds to fully understand the cradle to grave process that larger companies can pay for to understand the product process chain.  What we can tell you is that it is an important part of the process for us and we are endeavouring to grow our brand to be a brand that is both ethical and sustainable from the fair wages for workers to the care for the animals, and the environment.
Thank you,
Victoria xx